DCO-District Communications Officer Committee Members

The District Communications Officer (DCO) shall support and assist the District officers, staff, committee chairs, and clubs with utilization of the District and Club database. This includes helping to set up events, committees, and personalized emails. And, the DCO is the contact within the district for administering and supporting the District and Club database (DaCdb).  Conducts training seminars for Club Secretaries and Club Communications Officers.  And, they respond to questions for HELP that are generated within the DaCdb system.
In addition, the DCO is a LVL-7 user of the system, and can update system "tables" for unique requirements within their district.  They can modify the district's profile through the Table Administration functions to add additional Committee Position "titles" and Club Position "titles" as necessary to support the needs of the district.

Alternate Missions Statement:

The District Communications Officer (DCO) for the District and Club Data Base (DaCdb)

Purpose: To provide the Rotarians of the District with a point of contact for help resolving problems with the District and Club database (
DaCdb), provide training for District and Club Officers in effectively using this resource, and to have a single point of contact to work with the DaCdb Developmental Team to identify problems, offer improvement suggestions, and to provide District feedback to the Development Team.

Preparing for the new Rotary ORG Year for your DGE.
Communications tool between you and your DGE (and PEs and District chairs)

7 months before (in DEC)
    Identify ALL your PEs
    PMAIL all your PEs (correct E-mail addresses)
    Introductions to PEs (who you are and they are on DGE’s TEAM)
    Setup your new year District Committees (except PE, SE, TE, PN)
        - CLONE them from current year into YOUR YEAR (only LVL-7 can use BULK CLONE)
        - Make necessary adjustments, who is YOUR Committee Chair
6 months before (in JAN) for your PEs
       Memo to Club Secretaries to update EMAIL addresses for the PEs in each club, as necessary
    Pre-PETS, Communicate your expectations to your PEs using PMAIL

4 months before (FEB) for your DGEs
    Schedule your Official GOV Visits in District Calendar
    Then, print this to include in TAB 3 of PETS manual

3 months before (MAR) for your DGEs
    Clone over the AREAS for your year (under ASST GOV tab, LVL-7 required)
    Clone over the Assistant Gov Committee for your year
        -Make your changes to Areas and People
    Finish the other DISTRICT Committees and populate the Chairs, as necessary

1-2 months before / District Assembly -    Club Officer Leadership Training (on using database). 
See the PPTs and iVideos available under the HELP tab.


- AGs removed from the list, they do not drop back from level 5 to a lower level.    Manually need to reset them, as necessary.

- As soon as you KNOW the next DGE, DGN or DGND, please CLONE their DLT committee into their GOV.YEAR, ex: 2013-14.    Then, set them as the GOVERNOR for their DLT year.  This automatically puts them onto the internal COG report.

- Also, Clone over the AG Committee from the current year, then make any necessary changes.    And, IF you need to ADD a new AREA in your District, it is a sub-menu function under the AsstGovs tab

- To CHANGE a CLUB from one area to another, use the CLUB EDIT function on JULY 1 to change the AREA
  - The Club Secretary gets a copy of the RI change notices... signed by the Club Sec WITH notation
 (by 5322745 - Widermyer, Mark ) <==the RI No. and NAME of WHO actually did it).

- LOG IN rules applied (Default Username and Password; and, can be overridden after first login)

- FIND and GLOBAL searching (now shows TERMINATED members in YELLOW)

- Deleting DUPLICATE MEMBER records in the Club (FAQ #29) without notifying RI (LVL-7 required).

- The difference between First Name and FName
  (on reports and name badges)

- Saving/Using Personal "templates" in PMAIL

- New PMAIL GROUPS function for your own internal distribution lists (without setting up a committee)

- Easiest way to SEND PMAIL to SELF to test a template  (use PMAIL button in the MY DATA screen)

- WELCOME LETTERS from the Governor (also includes THANK YOU to Sponsor, and HAPPY BIRTHDAYS to all members);
  they are under the District Pages tab in the TEMPLATES folder.

- Premium Modules: Less TIME and STRESS (Weekly Attendance and DUE/Invoicing modules)
Couple of great programs for anyone that uses computers:
    - SNAGIT.com screen capture  $50
    - Acronis.com backup program $50
    - Evernote.com (free Notes LOCAL and sync Online)


- Deleting PDGs and removing them from the COG report (see FAQ #23, under the HELP tab)

- ALUMNI (members vs non-members) ALL are in the ALL ALUMNI committee (ALU)

- You can not assign the AREA to any of the NEW AG's for the next Rotary years 2010-2011.  Thus, can only have one AG per area.  SO, must UPDATE the AREA for those AGs on July 1

- EVENTid login in 1-click (use RED "E" TICKET in PMAIL) to jump directly into the Event

- How do I "transfer" a member to a NEW Club (see FAQ #49, under the HELP tab)

- TriLevel support for AGs (see D6960); something to discuss at User Group meeting

- Someone changes their Email address, HOW can they LOG IN?  (SEE help LINK right on the LOG IN screen)

- Edit CLUB POSITIONS: Curr Year       Next Year       Next,Next Year   (new selection method coming)
            (2010-11)    (2011-12)    (2012-13)
            Secretary    Pres-Elect    President
    verses current method of making them the: Secretary/Pres-Nominee
    Which produces the SAME results.

- The difference of ACCEPT CHECKS in the payment gateway for Event Registrations.
I would only point out one thing to consider.  I did NOT check the box to ACCEPT CHECKS for the District Conference, whereas you did "check" it in your event.  The difference is your event will display a [PAY by CHECK] button right above the [pay by credit card] button.  Thus the registrant can choose to register on-line and indicate payment by check (which means they are NOT PAID in the backroom UNTIL they mail in the check and then you update their status in the backroom.
IF you do not "check" it for an event, like the District Conference is currently, then the registrants will not see the [PAY by CHECK] option...however, the Moderator can still accept a "mail in form, with a check as payment".  Then the Moderator can add the person to the event AND indicate PAID by CHECK (which does update the backroom as PAID, all in a single transaction.
The purpose of paying by credit card on-line is to eliminate extra work on the moderators, and also having to "chase" after the payment, and later editing the backroom record WHEN the check does arrive.

- Reviewing TranLog, if you see anything suspicious (like the Chinese break-in attempts during the Olympics), and please let us know IF you see anything suspicious.

 Sherewa, Ophias
Information Technology
 Vava, Chris
Technical Director
Information Technology