Projects done

Club Name: Avondale (Harare)

Name of the Project: Swiss House Zimbabwe Water Drainage, Harvesting and Capacity Building Project.


Objectives:  What you plan to achieve by the end of your project?

  • Water drainage to alleviate flooding in the agriculture field.
  • Harvest rainwater for future use.
  • Train local youths on how to install the Swiss rainwater harvesting technology.

Area of focus: What area focus does the project support?

  • Water and Sanitation
  • Community Development

Community Needs: What primary needs were identified before project initiation?

  • Rainwater was flooding the agriculture field and destroying the crops grown therein.

Category: What category does your project fall under? Planned Project, Ongoing Project, or Completed Project.

  • Completed project.

Direct Beneficiaries: Who are the direct beneficiaries of this project?

  • Swiss House Zimbabwe.
  • Five local youths trained on how to install the water harvesting technology.

Indirect Beneficiaries: Who are the indirect beneficiaries of this project?

  • Local communities starting with Chitungwiza, Harare and surrounding areas.
  • Nation at large, as the project can be replicated at a bigger/larger scale, helping with the water crisis.
  • The trained local youths can also train others.
  • Region, if project is replicated successfully locally, the concept can be exported and used regionally to alleviate water crisis in Africa.

Sustainability: How sustainable in the project and what have you done to ensure sustainability?

  • The project is highly sustainable. To ensure sustainability, we have facilitated training of five local youths who can continue installing the water harvesting system elsewhere as well as train others on how to do it.

Partners: Who are your project partners?

  • Swiss House Zimbabwe Association in Switzerland

Budget: What is the project budget?

  • US$ 12 200.00

Contact Person:

President Beloved Makina: +263 772 893672, ..