Club Name:  Rotary Club of Harare Central

Name of the Project: Matau Artisan Centre

Objectives: What you plan to achieve by the end of your project?

  • Develop opportunities for productive work and improving access to sustainable livelihoods, empowering marginalized communities by providing access to economic opportunities.

Area of focus: What area of focus does the project support?

  • Economic and Community Development

Community Needs: What primary needs were identified before project initiation?

  • Whilst establishing classrooms, library and a canteen at the school what became apparent whilst talking to community members was lack of parental employment. The needs were identified through interviews of parents of students at Matau Cluster Schools.
  • The lack of dependable sources of income for parents and graduating students was a pressing need to improve the livelihoods in the community. Without a dependable source of income for parents, families did not feel empowered to support the education of their children, particularly the girl child who is often forced to drop out of school due to family poverty. Numerous meetings were held with parents, community leaders, educational leaders and other interested partied to determine the next steps needed for support.

Category: What category does your project fall under? Planned Project, Ongoing Project, or Completed Project.

  • Ongoing Project.

Direct Beneficiaries: Who are the direct beneficiaries of this project?

  • Women, youths and men.

Indirect Beneficiaries: Who are the indirect beneficiaries of this project?

  • The wider community

Sustainability: How sustainable in the project and what have you done to ensure sustainability?

  • The Artisan Centre project has the ability to maintain its operations, services and benefits during its project lifetime. It is anticipated that the sales of the goods produced will generate revenues for the individual participants and eventually support the day-to-day programs at the Centre. The equipment will be housed at the Vocational Training Centre and will be maintained by the teachers and students.

Partners: Who are your project partners?

  • This project is being run in partnership with The Rotary Club of Harare Central, The Rotary Club of Salinas of United States of America, Rotary Foundation, together with Tererai Trent International (TTI) the local implementing partner.

Budget: What is the project budget?

  • The grant is worth USD100,000.00 (one hundred thousand dollars)

Contact Person: Chipo Nyangulu: 263777887115