Club name: Rotary Club of Harare City

Name of the project:  Rural Shoe Project in Mashonaland East Focusing on 4 Selected Schools, as Per Budget, Namely Numwa, Matsvai, Chizunzu and Karimba Primary Schools.


  • We plan to donate 200 pairs of shoes to 200 school children in rural farm schools which were selected by us in consultation with the various heads of the school. This was however not disclosed to the pupils, but the teachers used their existing knowledge of the condition of the pupils.

Area of focus:

  • Maternal and child health but focusing on child health care.

Community needs:

  • School students are bare footed and that is affecting their learning and some of them constantly develop flu and do not go to school in winter.


  • This is almost completed project as we will be handing over the shoes on 29 March 2023 though we would prefer to extend the project to other provinces as there are many children who need the shoes in other provinces besides this one.

Direct beneficiaries:

  • The school children are the direct beneficiaries.

Indirect beneficiaries:

  • The parents of the children and their teachers are the indirect beneficiaries to this project as there should be an improvement in the performance of the children. This will also encourage parents to work hard and provide shoes for their children in future.


  • By explaining to the school authorities, the need for their pupils to have shoes, they will encourage all parents to priorities shoes for their children as they do clothes. The awareness should see the project continue on its own as children also demand replacement of these shoes.


  • Bata shoe company


  • the project budget originally was set at USD 2000.00 but it ended up increasing to USD 4500.00 with the club meeting USD 500.00 and the donor meeting USD 4000.00.

Contact persons:

  • Rotarians: Simon, Nomore, Maria, Precious, Rutendo and courage