Club Name: Harare West

Name of the Project: Refurbishment of Diabetic Cubicle of Sally Mugabe Children’s Hospital First Floor Ward


  • Refurbishment of the diabetic cubicle of the first-floor ward at Sally Mugabe Children’s Hospital.

Area of focus:

  • Maternal and Child Health

Community Needs:

  • Sally Mugabe Children’s Hospital is the largest children’s referral hospital in Zimbabwe, boasting a …-bed capacity. It caters for children from the poorest areas of Harare as well as accepting referrals from most parts of the country. Each year it treats…sick children and provides … consultations. It plays an essential role that spans births to surgery, along with vaccination campaigns. It is a beacon of hope for sick children, mothers, and the community in general.
  • Sally Mugabe Children’s Hospital was built in 1999, Twenty-three years is a long time for any structure and especially a hospital that is used around the clock to go without refurbishment. First Floor Ward is a 65 bedded ward with 7 cubicles, which are 9- bedded each. The ward is in a dilapidated and deplorable state thereby compromising not only the recovery of the children, but the well-being of the mothers, too. Its state is so deplorable that it no longer provides the necessary sanitary conditions required for hospitalised children. Everything needs to be redone in the ward, electricity, paintwork, bathrooms, and sanitation. The children and mothers deserve a warm, welcoming age-appropriate environment which is clean, light and airy.
  • Refurbishment of the ward will greatly improve the condition of the ward so that that staff can also continue to provide high quality paediatric health care.
  • RC Harare West is honoured to have this opportunity to begin this project while we scout for other project partners to complete the refurbishment of not only the Diabetic cubicle but the whole of First Floor Ward. Children must have continued access to adequate health services in a bright, friendly, and happier place which will aid faster recovery. The transformation will make a huge difference to the nearly … children and young people cared for each year, giving them a calming environment to receive treatment in a welcome distraction. We will give the ward a jungle makeover with colourful illustrations of trees, water, animals, and birds decorating the walls.


  • Ongoing Project.

Direct Beneficiaries:

  • Children admitted in the ward, mothers as well as staff (doctors and nurses) working in the ward who will be motivated to continue to provide excellent care for the children.

Indirect Beneficiaries:

  • The community through future admissions at the hospital and improved recovery rates through enhanced spaces for children. Improved spaces fit for purpose to encourage clinicians and staff to provide excellent care for the children.


  • Sally Mugabe Children’s Hospital is committed to making sick children well again by promoting sustainable practices and creating healthier facilities through safer products, less waste and efficient use of energy and water.


  • Plascon Paints Company – paints
  • National Carpets – curtains

Budget: Below is the breakdown of the Project budget of USD $3750

Cost Item


Source of Funding



Donation from Partner – Plascon

Labour – Tools and Painting


Donation from Project – Plascon

Transport for Painters


Donation from Project – Plascon

Mural Painting


Donation from Rotarian

Paint brushes for Mural Painting


Donation form Rotarian



Donation from Partner ‘- National Carpets



Rotaract Club of Harare West



RC Harare West




Contact Person:

  • Patricia Kambarami