Club Name:  Rotary of Hunyani Harare, Zimbabwe

Name of the Project:  Construction of Zvamaida Primary School


Objectives: What do you plan to achieve by the end of your project?

  • To construct three classroom blocks, a library, renovate latrines and install solar and electric points throughout the buildings for the Zvamaida community in Zimbabwe. The Zvamaida community is situated 10 kilometres from Chegutu town and 105 kilometres from the capital city of Harare.

Area of Focus: What area of focus does the project support?

  • Basic literacy and education

Community Needs: What primary needs were identified before project initiation?

  • The primary need was to have the thriving Zvamaida community children (numbering approximately 300) move from learning under trees and grass thatched shelters, to conventional brick and mortar classrooms, provide access to reading books, provide school furniture and in addition to carry out training on WASH for sustainable community health.

Category: What category does your project fall under? Planned project, ongoing project or completed project.

  • This is an ongoing project where the classroom blocks have already been built and what’s left are the library, latrines, and installation of solar power.

Direct Beneficiaries: Who are the direct beneficiaries of this project?

  • The direct beneficiaries are the Zvamaida community.

Indirect Beneficiaries: Who are the indirect beneficiaries of this project?

  • The Rural Council responsible for the educational needs of the community.

Sustainability: How sustainable is the project and what have you done to ensure sustainability?

  • The project is sustainable and with availability of funds lead to the building of a secondary school.

Partners: Who are your project partners?

  • The Rotary Club of Hunyani is working with the Rotary Club of Basildon in the UK and its partners who are funding the project.

Budget: What is the project budget?

  • The original budget was USD $82 00 and to complete the project we estimate a further USD $50 000.00.

Contact Persons:

PP Lawrence Gudza +263772496720 and email

Club Name: Rotary Club of Hunyani

Name of the Project: Hunyani Mobile Dental Clinic


  • Providing mobile dental clinics for basic dental services throughout the rural areas of Zimbabwe.
  • The Rotary Club of Hunyani (in Harare, Zimbabwe) has a vision to help improve basic dental care in our rural areas. We see that we can do this by helping outreach dental programmes with a fully equipped mobile dental clinic and support equipment.
  • a significant improvement in dental health in the rural areas served.

Area of Focus:

  • Providing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene – dental hygiene

Community Needs:

  • The primary needs identified before project initiation were that the rural areas of Zimbabwe are not well served with dentists. But there is huge need for dental services and for programmes to improve dental health. Consultations with the Ministry of Health and Child Care, the United Methodist Church dental programme, and the University of Zimbabwe School of Dentistry all confirm this need; and the government has limited resources.


  • This is a Planned Project.

Direct Beneficiaries:

  • The direct beneficiaries of this project are the rural and impoverished peasant farmers and inhabitants of the rural remote areas of Zimbabwe, in need of dental care.

Indirect Beneficiaries:

  • The indirect beneficiaries include the whole Zimbabwe landscape as a health nation works to improve the economy of Zimbabwe.


To ensure sustainability, the project has been structured as follows: 

  • The Project will provide a fully equipped mobile clinic plus all supporting equipment.
  • Provide a base for the clinic in Harare.
  • Hand over the clinic to the United Methodist Church, who will operate the outreach programme.
  • The Methodist church will provide full information on the achievement for each outreach programme.

How will the programme operate?

  • The Methodist Church has a presence throughput Zimbabwe. It has a dental service programme; and has organized outreach programmes and coordinated volunteers in the past.
  • The church will take ownership of the equipment and will organize a regular series of visits to rural areas throughout the country.
  • The church will be responsible for all operating, maintenance, and administrative costs of the programme.
  • The Dentists are obviously not enough in the rural areas; hence the project envisages to have volunteer dentists for each trip, from established dentists, especially Rotarians wishing to “give back to society” and from overseas volunteer dentists.
  • The UZ School of Dentistry is keen to integrate the programme into their formal dentistry course, giving students an extra dimension of experience.


  • The United Methodist Church in Zimbabwe.


  • The budget estimate is US$300,000.

Contact Person: 

  • The project lead is Past President Advance Chingwena –


  • The Rotary Foundation Chair is Past President Robin Bottomley – bottomley.zim@ +263-772-329735