Club Name: Rotary Club of Kabwe

Name of the Project: Kabwe Central Hospital Psychiatric Ward Project

Objectives: What do you plan to achieve by the end of your projects?

  • Improved access to mental health services.

Area of focus: What area of focus does the project support?

  • Mental Health.

Community Needs: What primary needs were identified before project initiation?

  • Lack of proper Mental Health facilities in Kabwe.

Category: What category does your project fall under?

  • Ongoing Project.
  • The club has so far worked on: plumbing repairs on the male and female ward ablutions with a few new replacements, various doors and locks, ceiling boards, lights (inside and outside), electrical switches and sockets, a new distribution box for outside lighting, repaired the holding cell and painting of the entire male ward as well as female ward from ceiling to doors to walls, window frames and outside walls.
  • The club intends to secure the premises with fence wire, painting of the passageway between the male and female ward, as well as replacing old, damaged iron sheets along the passage. To prevent illnesses like malaria among others, the club will replace a few glasses and repair the damaged glasses by using Georgian wire glass which is stronger and safer for the mentally challenged patients.

Direct Beneficiaries: Who are the direct beneficiaries of this project?

  • The Kabwe Community and surrounding areas.

Indirect Beneficiaries: Who are the indirect beneficiaries of this project?

  • The Kabwe General Hospital Staff, Kabwe Community, and surrounding areas.

Sustainability: How sustainable is the project and what have you done to ensure sustainability?

  • The project has prioritised installing the Georgian wire glass that would help lessen the accidents incurred by the patients with the ordinary glass and it lasts longer. In the long term, this wire glass will lessen malaria infections given that it reduces mosquitos access to the ward through the windows thus reducing the disease burden in Kabwe.

Partners: Who are your project partners?

  • Rotary Club of Fort Myers South, Florida, United States of America.

Budget: What is the project budget?

  • $ 5,000

      Contact Person:

  • Hellen Mwamba: +260 963 628 450,