Club Name: Rotary Club of Mbala

Name of the Project: School Bunker Beds in 8 Weekly Boarding Secondary Schools in Mbala District.


  • The aim of this project is to increase bed spaces for school weekly boarders as well as make their sleeping rooms more bearable as they pursue studies and eventually enhance performance.

Area of focus:

  • Basic Education and Literacy

Community Needs:

  • The most urgent and dire need of the 8 Day Secondary Schools is the issue of bunker beds and mattresses. Cases of snake bites have been rampant and that the cold floors have led to most learners shunning and bunking off classes due to tiredness and fevers because of the The learners sleep on the uncompromisingly cold floor without mattresses. Mbala District has only one established boarding school that only takes up to 600 boarders. Hence, to decongest the only established boarding school, government upgraded basic schools to day secondary schools in order to reduce the many kilometres learners move to access education. However, these boarding schools do not have proper boarding houses.


  • Planned Project. 

Direct Beneficiaries:

  • The weekly school boarders are direct beneficiaries of this potential project in the 8 Day Secondary Schools. These weekly boarders travel more than 20 kilometres to access education and hence the provision of non-fee-paying boarding facilities in these schools.

Indirect Beneficiaries:

  • The other beneficiaries are the other schools who usually camp in these day secondary schools during ball and athletic games in term 1 and 2. Apart from these, community members from churches apply to conduct church camp meetings on request and this can bring revenue to these schools as a measure to maintaining and sustaining the facilities.


  • Through the Parent Teacher Committees and the school prefectorial boards, committees will be set up to monitor and control the use of the banker beds reporting and potential damages to the bankers.


  • Community
  • Rotarians
  • Donors


  • $50,200.00