Club Name: Rotary Club of Mutare

Name of the Project: Arnoldine Sunflower Project

Objectives:  What you plan to achieve by the end of your project?

  • To improve the economic self sufficiency of farmers
  • To transform from subsistence to sustainability
  • To increase marketable output
  • To improve access to productive infrastructure and /mechanisation
  • To improve yield capacity through sustainable agricultural activities

Area of focus:

  • Economic and Community development

Community Needs:

  • The Arnoldine Sun Flower Project group spun off from the Arnoldine Burial Society, a mutual society with hundred and ten (110) members of the local community. It was then formed in 2015 to pool resources together aimed at providing decent funeral and burial of members. Some members realised the need to create an income base which would help them pay their monthly contributions to the society. “We came up a poultry project a year later which suffered from raw feed material. Since we had a firm agricultural background, we thought of the sunflower project so as to supply the much-needed raw materials for the chickens’’, the community members reported.

Category: What category does your project fall under? Planned Project, Ongoing Project, or Completed Project.

  • Ongoing project

Direct Beneficiaries:

  • The direct beneficiaries include farmers and their families.



Indirect Beneficiaries:

  • The indirect beneficiaries include community members at large through buying the products at the doorsteps, and nearby churches and institutions around the farm.


  • The project was designed and implemented in close consultation with the farmers. The project is regularly monitored. A farm level community level structure was established. Besides having gone through training in best practices, regular mentoring by the Agricultural Extension Officers is ongoing. The project is agriculturally based. Agricultural Extension Officer is providing agricultural technical support and monitoring the whole agricultural process too. This is also a core business of this officer to promote crop production at communal and commercial level.


  • Rotary Club of West Wichita.


  • USD $65,106.

Contact Person:

  • PAG Michael Kagweya,