Club Name: Nkwazi Rotary Club

Name of the Project: Mumbwa Agricultural Project

Objectives:  What you plan to achieve by the end of your project?

  • To give a steady income and better nutrition to 11,186 village families.
  • Distributing free legume seeds leading to nutritious crops such as beans, cow peas, soya beans and groundnuts that also enhance soil health.
  • Train farmers in more responsible and sustainable farming practices with an emphasis on Agroforestry systems.
  • Establish beehive ownership and training to support community protection of local forests.
  • Promote value addition and establishment of storage sites and collection points in villages for harvested crops.
  • Offer market prices and therefore cut out the middlemen.

Area of focus: What area focus does the project support?

  • Supporting the Environment
  • Economic & Community Development

Community Needs: What primary needs were identified before project initiation?

  • Communities stressed lack of food and income thereby sought alternative ways to meet family needs from local resources, often in the form of charcoal and poaching.
  • Households exploiting natural resources due to poor farming practices that have led to rapid land clearing, wildlife habitat degradation, poaching with some having established settlements in forest zones.

Category: What category does your project fall under? Planned Project, Ongoing Project, or Completed Project.

  • Ongoing Global Grant ( 1 January 2022 to 30 September 2023)




Direct Beneficiaries: Who are the direct beneficiaries of this project?

  • 11,186 village households including the youth and women, residing in rural areas of Zambia.

Indirect Beneficiaries: Who are the indirect beneficiaries of this project?

  • The greater community in Mumbwa District and the country at large as well as the environment.

Sustainability: How sustainable in the project and what have you done to ensure sustainability?

  • Apart from imparting skills, to achieve sustained socio-economic benefits for local communities, we established producer group cooperatives with strong leadership capable of overseeing continued service delivery to their members and raise revenue to self-finance their activities.

Partners: Who are your project partners?

  • D1850 led by RC Bad Baderkessa Germany
  • Bingo Foundation, Germany
  • a local NGO, Community Markets for Conservation (COMACO)
  • 11,186 village families that live close to protected forest areas and Game Management Areas in Mumbwa District, Zambia.

Budget: What is the project budget?